Why do we need to do a power cycle on the modem or router when your movies buffer?

This is to ensure that the internet connection you have on the device is fresh and solid. 

How to Reset Your Modem and Router (Power Cycle)

1. First you need to unplug the router, then unplug the modem. 

2. If neither of them has power buttons, you still can unplug it by pulling the power cord out of the back of the modem or your router. 

3. Make sure to leave the devices unplugged for 30 seconds, 

4. Then plug the modem back in followed by the router.

5. Wait some seconds until all the lights are back in the modem and your router.

6. Reconnect your device to the internet. 

7. If there is no internet trouble, this should solve any internet connection issue. 

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